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Arada Stoves

Arada Stoves

Arada has produced handcrafted wood burning and multi fuel stoves for over 30 years as the umbrella company of the Aarrow, Stratford and Villager brands.

Epitomising the finest of British design, with innovative technology and impressive efficiency ratings Arada is where cutting edge design meets traditional craftmanship. Loxwood Burners are proud to be able to distribute Arada stoves throughout Sussex, Surrey, and the UK.

Arada’s Aarrow brand manufactures small, efficient stoves such as the Aarrow Acorn 4, which is great for use on house boats. Arada’s Villager range is known for producing sturdy and reasonably-priced steel stoves. Most of these stoves have a rustic appearance with cast iron doors, grates and flue spigots.

Villager’s traditional appearance belies its use of modern air-washed glass and a highly efficient air delivery system. Arada’s Stratford brand produces boilers with a high output, fast response and more efficiency for better economy and lower carbon emissions.

View the Arada Stoves range of stoves at: www.aradastoves.com