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Hunter Stoves

Hunter Stoves

Hunter Stoves was originally founded in 1970 in the South West of England, and is widely thought to be the first UK based woodstove manufacturer; initially producing steel stoves with built in boilers to run small and medium sized central heating systems.

For 15 years the company grew from strength to strength, but unfortunately in 1986 the company fell into bankruptcy. Ravenheat Ltd, a gas boiler manufacturer in the North of England, subsequently bought the company. Over the next 10 years the brand suffered greatly as Ravenheat Ltd experimented with turning the Hunter Stoves brand into a range of gas stoves and fire products. In 1996, two ex-directors of another stove manufacturer bought the Hunter Stoves brand and re-located the company to the South West of England to a factory near Exeter.

Since 1996 Hunter Stoves has once again established itself at the forefront of the market place, with a loyal dealership network. Initially the company set about re-designing a new range of stoves, now the Herald range. From here the company grew, expanding its operations into the adjoining factory units and formed a Research and Development department to focus on design stoves that are more efficient. In 2003 Hunter Stoves bought the Parkray brand and moved its operations to the Exeter factory, continuing to develop both the Parkray and Hunter brands. In 2008, Hunter Stoves Ltd bought a site in Camelford, Cornwall and initially re-located the Research and Development department there, but now incorporates the manufacturing of the stoves as well. In 2015 we rebranded as the Hunter Stoves Group bringing all stove brands under the Hunter Stoves Group umbrella, including Herald, HS Gas, Di Lusso, Avalon, Cleanburn, Eco-ideal and Parkray brands. There are over 200 different designs of multifuel and wood stoves across the brands. The company employees over 55 people and distributes to most western European countries, South Africa, New Zealand and Japan.

View the Hunter Stoves range of stoves at: www.hunterstoves.co.uk